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Why Call a Professional for Bed Bug Treatment

There is a common misconception that bed bugs will only be found in beds. They can be found anywhere, just as long as they are in close proximity to their food source – humans. This means that if you decide to sit for 2 hours in a movie theater, you could carry home bed bugs. Or, even if you travel across town in a taxi, you could end up bringing home some unwelcome guests.

Reasons for Bed bug Infestations

Statistics show that since the 1990’s, bed bug infestations have been on the rise once again. People from all over the world are crossing borders and this increased travel has contributed to the spread of bed bugs.

Another reason is that due to changes in regulations regarding the use of pesticides. Pesticides that could previously be used in eliminating infestations are now no longer used, and this is believed to be another reason for their resurgence.

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

It is possible for you to try and tackle an infestation on your own, but it is a difficult and time consuming process, requiring a lot of painstaking labor and repeated cleansings. It will, however, save you hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars that you would need to spend getting in professionals.

However, if you don’t have the time or the patience to go through each and every one of the steps of the cleansing process, you could end up with a really bad infestation on your hands.

Here are some of the reasons why getting a professional to come in and take care of your bed bug infestation.

  • The process of getting rid of a bed bug infestation is a multi-step one. It isn’t as easy as just spraying insecticides and voila! Your infestation is gone. There are several steps that need to be followed for your home to be bed bug free and if you skip on one step, you can be looking at a resurgence of that infestation.
  • Being able to locate all the points of infestation is not easy with the naked eye. Bed bugs are tiny to begin with, and their eggs and nymphs (baby bedbugs) are even tinier, making it very difficult to locate all their nesting spots. Professionals use equipment such as portable monitors and interceptors to zone in on where those pesky bed bugs are hiding in your home. This way, they ensure that they are thorough when they move to the next steps of exterminating those parasites.
  • Over-the-Counter, DIY pesticides have not been tested for their effectiveness in eliminating infestations. Professionals use pesticides that are effective in dealing with bed bugs. Additionally, pesticides are poisonous, and if not used correctly, can be dangerous, especially for children and pets. Professionals have been trained and certified in the use of these pesticides and know how to use them safely while still getting the job done.
  • Bed bugs are susceptible to extreme heat or cold, so you could try steaming them or freezing them out. However, the challenge is that these temperatures need to extreme, temperatures which most home-based devices cannot achieve. Also, if done incorrectly, you could end up causing more damage to your home – without having gotten rid of those parasites. Professional bed bug exterminators have specialized heat and cold treatment equipment that ensure that the process kills off all bed bugs.

Cleansing your home of bed bugs isn’t a one step process. It requires monitoring, and regular check-ups and well as repeated extermination processes, depending on how bad the infestation is.

Professional exterminators will also take the time to educate you about how to ensure that your home remains bed bug-free so that you know what to do to protect your home.

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